I sometimes get asked if Lia is short for anything, but nope: that's all there is! I'm an art director based in Metro Detroit. Before I called the Motor City home, I was born and raised in warm and sunny Miami, FL. In high school, I was known as the artsy kid, so of course I chose to study art and design in college. I usually get, "What the hell were you thinking?" Sure, I'll admit Michigan winters make me question my life choices, but aside from sub zero windchill and driving in the snow, the D isn't so bad. 
Labeling myself solely as a fine artist, or a photographer, or-- whatever-- never really made sense for me. I'm a little bit of everything, so 'multidisciplinary creative' is the handle I settled on. The only thing I can say for certain is, I always strive to create work I can have lots of fun with and  be proud of. I create and curate social content for Buick and GMC. When I'm not doing that, I'm either taking pictures of random things, doodling or pulling inspo for personal pieces. Aside from my creative endeavors, I balance being a hermit with eating at really awesome spots while taking Instagram worthy pictures of my food (fully certified foodie right here). S/N: It's on my bucket list to travel the world and experience all its different cuisines. 
I enjoy learning, creating, adventuring, eating, and I'm always seeking to share these experiences visually through my craft.
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