I sometimes get asked if Lia is short for anything, but nope; that's all there is! I'm a creative born and raised in Miami. I studied Advertising Design in Detroit and had a fun time getting my feet wet in its advertising industry. After having called the Motor City home for over 6 years, it was time to come back to that warm Miami sun. You know, since the D is cold and winter driving ain't it.
I'm an easy-going gal who likes getting elbows deep in the creative process from conception to execution. I design websites and other graphics; I make banners, gifs, cinemagraphs and other digital assets; I create and curate social media content; I'm also quite handy with an X-acto blade if I say so myself. Regardless of what I'm working on, I strive to create work I can have fun with and be proud of. When I'm not on client asks, I draw or shoot cool Instagram worthy photos-- usually of adventures or my food. 
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