Sometimes, I get asked if Lia is short for anything, but that's all! I was born and raised in Miami, then I landed in Detroit to study Advertising Design; it was there I got my feet wet in its industrial advertising industry. After calling the Motor City home for over 6 years, it was time to come back to that warm Miami sun. You know, since the D is cold and winter driving ain't it.
I enjoy getting elbows deep in the creative process from conception to execution. My design chops from advertising and marketing have helped immensely in my switch to UI/UX. I enjoy solving problems and coming up with simple solutions. Afterwards, capturing the user experience in a tasteful and thoughtfully crafted package where clean design works well is the frosting on the cake. I've been described as a self starter, resourceful, detail-oriented and reliable. I soak up new things like a sponge and I'm also handy with an X-Acto blade, for anyone who wants to know. 
When I'm not working on projects or furthering my design knowledge, I'm either practicing my digital art, watching anime or visiting cool eateries and shooting Instagram worthy foodie pics.
*scratch that last part since we're social distancing now, but we'll soon be back to our regular programming :-)
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